Producing a live show with George Ravlich and the talented crew of Crank Sound Distribution is a delight. If there was such a thing as a magical spell for staging an event, this would be the result – a sudden yet smooth manifestation of gear, several charming characters, a few bright lights and POOF … magic happens!

I have spent 25 years as a live music event producer and promoter for festivals, clubs and private functions, and working as a musicians’ agent, managing touring musicians across the continent. In my experience the most important aspect of every show is, for both the audience and performer(s), to have maximum enjoyment in their roles as engaged and honoured participants.

Providing skilled amplification and stage lighting is paramount. In this capacity, and able to please both the performer and the audience, Crank Sound is simply a most professional and adept crew. They have the gear and technical ability to support every size of  live music presentation, and more importantly, the knowledge and finesse to work with every performance style, from acoustic chamber music to a full on rock band.

Crank understands the physical dynamics that are inherent in every performance space, such as room size, resonance and audience density, and seamlessly accounts for all the individual variants, both technical and social, with a maximum of courtesy and minimum of fuss. Crank Sound inspires me with the utmost confidence – knowing they are in the house, I can relax and enjoy the show!

Robin MacIntyre, MAC’S MUSIC


Allow me to share my experiences working with Crank Sound and George Ravlich. Bon Soo has worked with Crank for a number of years and they are, by far, our preferred provider.
We are an event that spans 10 days and many venues. We know that if George and his team are on site, we do not need to concern ourselves further. George is sensitive to our situation as a not-for-profit, and always gives us great advice on what we can do to maximize our budget and achieve the results we want.
Crank provides over and above the service expected. They are flawlessly punctual and absolutely precise in what they do. More importantly, George makes himself completely available pre-event, to consult and patiently answer our many questions. I recommend Crank regularly, without hesitation.

Kerrie De Poli, manager, Bon Soo Winter Carnival


Crank Sound Distribution provides sound and lighting to the Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life in Sault Ste. Marie. George and his staff provide quality sound and service to help make Relay For Life a truly inspiring community event in support of cancer survivors.

Rodney Buzdygan, manager, Canadian Cancer Society Algoma Community Office


Crank Sound Distribution is far and away the finest sound and production company I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Whether touring with a five-piece band in clubs across the country, or an 11-piece big band in soft seat theaters, Crank Sound Distribution is my first choice every time.

Jay Case, musician


Loplops Gallery~Lounge brings in 150 original bands from all across Canada each year. Crank Sound is the only production and lighting company that we would ever use… if they are not available, we won’t book the show. Our artists and agents have come to expect only the best in the industry and Crank provides their every need. Their professionalism, knowledge and timely presence makes it the best possible night for the artist, the venue and the audience. If Crank Sound is not in the house, you might as well just play the radio.

Stephen Alexander, owner, Loplops Gallery-Lounge


As both a musician and event coordinator, I have had the opportunity to work with Crank Sound Distribution from both sides of the stage.
As a musician, they have always been more than accommodating on stage. Sound checks are always on time and very efficient. Crank Sound makes the musician feel very comfortable and confident on stage which makes for a show that is a cut above the rest!
As an event coordinator, dealing with Crank Sound has always been very smooth. Their pricing is fair and you always get way more than you paid for! Once you have booked them and given them the details that they require, you are worry-free.
I would recommend Crank Sound Distribution for anything sound and lighting related. They are always professional and you will receive 100% out of their dedicated staff!
Oh yes, and lets not forget – George Ravlich (owner/sound engineer) has possibly the best ear for sound in and around Sault Ste. Marie. With him behind the sound board you know the event is in good hands.

Greg Simpson, Maxx Graphix


We first worked with George and Crank Sound this past September for the United Way’s 55th Anniversary Celebration which had a nine-piece band performing in a newly renovated hall. Despite the hall’s renovation, they had an electrical problem that caused the power on the stage to flicker during the band’s performance, shutting off the sound and lights.
Seeing the problem, George and his crew got right to work.
What took them hours to set up – LED lighting rig, the sound system, monitors and mics – they re-wired in minutes and the show went on.
The United Way of Sault Ste. Marie will continue to work with Crank Sound Distribution and highly recommends them for any quality production.

Rob Majury, project coordinator, United Way Sault Ste. Marie and District